Made by Community. Shared with Love.

We know the limits. No one has the same skills & knowledge.
But together, we can do many things, being supportive, and care others.


Themes for landing page or backend.


Modification made by communities.


Power up SLiMS with many plugins.


Find the docs that you need.

Latest Update

Find the latest modifications or themes made by SLiMS Communities

Share to care. Do you one of them?

You can share your works related to SLiMS, whether they are part of a modification from current code or built from scratch. Send them via email.

  1. Make sure they are compressed. Create a README file that explain about the plugin(s) that you are about to share.
  2. Add “Upload to GoSLiMS” as subject to your email, before you send them.
  3. Send your email to and wait for further notice.

Many will appreciate for what you have shared. One for all. All for one. Long live the communities!